Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of Edinburgh



 The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is an internationally recognised program that invites young people aged 14-25 to realise their ambitions and to change their world.


Internationally, The Award operates under the same principles but under a number of different titles.  It is very important to understand that the award your child receives is the same as a student in one of the other 130 countries involved in this award.  This is an International Award

The program offers a creative and dynamic framework giving young people the chance to develop their capacity and build the foundation for a bright future.


The Duke of Ed is designed over three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. To achieve each level, young people create their own unique program of activities over a set length of time across four Sections:


Award Sections



Physical Recreation

Adventurous Journey



Students are required to commit to regular volunteering activities that help around the community. Students have nominated a number of causes they wish to assist with including homelessness and animal welfare. We will again be running our cooking program for Open Family and are also beginning to collect and create items to assist the Lost Dogs Home. Further service activities may be added throughout the year.



This year students will participate in a range of skill development activities according to their interests, experience and needs. Bronze level participants are working with Hanyang to build their bike maintenance skills while also improving their focus and perseverance through archery. Our more experienced Silver level students have each nominated an area of skill they would like to develop over the year which include cooking, creative arts and film making.



Each Duke student has devised a goal they will work toward regarding their physical fitness throughout the year. The Bronze students are developing their fitness to enable them to run a lap of Albert Park Lake by the end of the year. Silver participants have selected personal fitness targets and will regularly participate in cycling, swimming, walking and gym circuits.


Duke students will make regular trips including:

  • Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre
  • Albert Park Lake
  • The Royal Botanical Gardens
  • Local walking/bicyle paths on the Bay Trail, Maribyrnong River Trail and the Main Yarra Trail

All students will be appropriately supervised with strict ratios of staff to students.



The students will go on two camps for 2015 - a 'practice' camp and a 'qualifying' camp. Bronze participants are required to camp for 2 days and 1 night while Silver students will attend for 2 days and 3 nights. Camps will be planned in consultation with students. Ample notice will be given to families of these camps.